We love the rural world and all the beauty that life can give us: the traditions of our land, the love for nature, the joy to live.



Casina Foglietti was originally built in 1794 by a noble family for their holidays.
As was common at that time, the family decided to give the house to farmers in return for the products of the land. The farmers lived upstairs, animals such as cows and pigs lived on the ground floor and the cereals were stored inside.

Today, after being lovingly restored to its original beauty, Casina Foglietti welcomes our guests. Our Villa is located on a quiet countryside with fabulous views of Le Marche hills with fields of wheat and sunflowers coloring the landscape. 

The peace, privacy and Italian architecture are greatly appreciated by our guests from all over the world.


Agriturismo Casina Foglietti, C.da Cigliano n 24/A – 62014, Corridonia (MC), Italia
P.IVA 01309250437